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Big Hoodoo

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Hexed Song Lyrics

Whether drawn in flour on flat ground or traced in the air
The sign of the crossroads is always the juncture
Where communication between worlds is established
Where the traffic of energy and forces between them is set up

[Verse 1: Big Hoodoo]
I own a book, handwritten
Only one in the whole damn midden
Black leather bindings ancient
All them other replica's ain't shit
It smells of death with a hint of garlic
I dropped it once it blood stained the carpet
It talks to me as I turn the pages
Every one that owned it died I'm courageous
Taught me how to bend a spoon with my mind
And now I can twist the head off a spine
I throw knives that don't really exist
Yet they split a body up into kibbles and bits

[Bridge: Big Hoodoo]
I'm cryptic hoodoo doomed in time
And when I die you can summon me through these rhymes
I deal with the dead and make a promise or two
In return they grant me the power of hoodoo

[Hook: Big Hoodoo]
Bitch get scared
Cause I'm about to get weird
Beware when the dead come calling
From out the mud their crawling

[Verse 2: Big Hoodoo]
I'm powerful now I'll be the same in death
Spirits have passed through my icy breath
Talk about wicked shit I'm neck deep in it
The book taught me well and I can use it any minute
I might play games massage your brains
Before you just a pile of remains
Take your soul into dementia and leave it there
The worse place you can be I feed off your fear
I jump through portals anytime I please
I keep jars full of eyes they draw flies and bees
While I chant alone rattling bones
Banging my skin drum we're not alone



[Bridge 2: Big Hoodoo]
I'll throw a hex x4
I'll hex you x4
I throw a hex x4
I'll hex you x3


[Outro: Big Hoodoo]
Yeah Psychopathic Records
Detroit Michigan
The birthplace of the wicked shit
Introducing Big Hoodoo
Hoodoo is what I do

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