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Right now a massive clous is lingering over the city. Police say calls from worried residents began pouring in this morning. Witnesses say it looked like a large dark rain cloud that initially started over heart plaza. And within' hours the cloud spread. Now covering a large portion of the midwest. People in the effected regions say it looks like the workings of an incredible thunderstorm. Teh bizaar weather events being linked to the cloud. Including red lightning, black hail, and super hot gail force winds. Meteorologists remain baffledas satelite pictures and radar shows the cloud continuing to expand. Experts say that its current rate of travel is the entire nation will be completely covered in just a matter of hours. Police are asking you please to remain indoors and not panic. The president has ordered the military to be on emergency alert. And they stand by powerless, foreced to watch, wait. As the cloud expands many people are now placing spiritual significants on its appearence. Leaders from mainstream religion cal it an apocholipic cult by declaring it of the 2nd coming of grim consequence of mans abuse of nature. Viewing the speculation are reports from accross the country. That the only light piercing this churning, inky, shroud are beams of sunlight which are only falling at places of worship all religions and denominations. As the cloud continues to expand accross the nation the rest of the world looks on with growing concern.

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