Riddle Box


Insane Clown Posse

Release Date:

October 10, 1995

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The Riddle Box character represents the vision many see when they die. When you turn the crank, what comes out determines if you go to Shangri-la or Hells Pit. This was the first the Insane Clown Posse did with the help of a major label. The Battery Records logo that appears on this album is actually Jive Records, but they didn’t believe in the album enought to stamp their official name on it.

Jive did everything in their power to cash in on the local following that ICP had in Detorit, while doing nothing to promote it elsewhere. This caused a bitter rivalry between Jive and ICP. When Jive saw how popular ICP became after they managed to leave their label, they re-released the Riddle Box album with a ten-minute sampler at the end, hyping up an unknown rock group on Jive named Hed PE. This desecration of ICP’s album is by far one of the most diabolical moves that any label has ever performed in the music industry, ever. Psychopathic put a stop to their production, but not before around 35,000 were made.

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